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Europe is currently facing an unprecedented and alarming situation that will certainly bring about major changes, if not a startling transformation, in all aspects of our lives. This looming crisis will forever alter the existing world order, leading to new social, health, political and economic models that will determine the future of new generations to come. In this context, Europe should not miss the opportunity to turn into the right direction.

In line with this, the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), as representatives of the European hemp sector, would like to take a stance on the future of Europe by presenting the Hemp Manifesto.

This document is a vivid explanation of how unlocking the potential of the whole hemp plant can contribute to speed up the transition towards a zero-emission, bio-based and sustainable economyIf given a chance, hemp can be your ally. How? In this Manifesto you will find 10 key points providing concrete proposals to be turned into decisive actions.

Our solution is green, innovative and tangible.

The European industrial hemp sector is more than ready to bring all its efforts to the table.

Are you ready to join the #Hemprevolution?